Let Learn Fraction Operation with Free Android Game

Fraction Fraction is simple free android puzzle game about fraction addition and subtraction. The gameplay is just place the fraction to the correct places, and press submit button. Beware at placing the puzzle, because its will be determine score that can be get it.

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If you feel this game to hard, you can take exercise by play Math Addition and Subtraction game as you can see the screenshoot and link download below:

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Try Guess The Animal Names with Free Animal Name Quiz Game

Animal Name Quiz is simple game that provided to you several animal pictures that you must guest what the name of appearing animal. The gameplay is simple, you just choose the right answer of the animal picture. If you choose the correct name, you will get score 10, and further more until the last task. And all animal pictures that we use this app, is from

You can download the game at link below:

Math Operation in Angle Value with Freaking Degree

Freaking Degree is simple math game about math addition in angle number. The angles that provided  is in range -180 to 180 and 0 to 360. The gameplay is you just choose what the equalization og angles is correct or not, if correct you just type the correct button, and if false, you just type the incorrect button. For every correct answer you will get 10 score. Below is video preview  Freaking Degree game:

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Play Numeral of Hours with The Last Clock Games

Last Clock is a simple game that based on idea of doing calculation on the number of hours. The game play is guess the numeral hours at the rightmost clock depend on the difference between two clock on his left side. The difference value mostly positive value. And you can set the hour value by tap the left white button of clock, and also the minute value by tap the right button. You must tap the check button to input of your estimated hours value is correct or not, and also check your scores.

You can get this app free at:

Play Magic Math Squares as Free Android Puzzle Game

Math Magic Square is a game that combines magic square 3x3 grid pattern with a slide puzzle game. Magic square itself is the square arrangement of integer numbers where the additional value horizontally, down, and diagonally is same, and for further information about magic square you can read in the literature. The gameplay of this game is to find an arrangement of numbers that produce the same amount and provide the correct arrangement pattern, that signed by changing of the color of background. And you must tap the check button to get how many score you get it.

You can download the game here:

Free Android Puzzle Game with Gravity Effect

Gravity One is simple game that implement gravity physics effect inside it. The game play is just drag the blue ball and make it pointed directly into yellow ball, so if blue ball collide the yellow, the yellow ball will be wrecked and you will get scores. The few screenshot of this app you can see below:

You can download this game here:

Free Android Grid Puzzle Game

Drag Puzzle Drag Puzzle is simple little addictive grid puzzle game. The game play idea is like as how we play rubic cube. You have to swipe the grids up or sideways to find what actually object picture on it. If the grids, you expect that the arrangement of grids is correct, the background will be change, you can tap check button to see how many score you can collect it.

you can  doewload the Drag Puzzle game in link below:

Just Line The another our game that have same gameplay like as Drag Puzzle is Just Line, This game is free and you can download the link below: